Headquartered in central Laayoune, Morocco, OblinGreen will be a brand new Moroccan company formed for the sole purpose of the development of the Laayoune Green Energy Industrial Hub 

The Oblin Group

OblinGreen, is to build and operate, large Green Hydrogen, Green Ammonia synthesis plants in a staged approach development over the next fifteen years. Feasibility studies and environmental resource monitoring plans have been instigated to determine very best locations for development, they have also been accepted as a new member of the Dii Desert Energy partnership, MENA Hydrogen Alliance.

OblinEnergy, objectives are to actively support government and to provide access to everyone who requires affordable, secure, clean energy. Support Morocco’s infrastructure, enterprise and people, by providing that access through local employment, making a positive impact to the countries Energy Trilemma.

OblinEngine, Our energy storage solution uses off peak renewable energy to store large volumes of compressed air that is then used in a shaft of water to generate power when required.

OblinArk, designs and builds free stream energy convertors (FSEC)

OblinCEA, primary objective is to work together with Moroccan government to provide services, build skills, create jobs, and develop solutions that can help Morocco become a climate leader. 

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Oblin Group
Oblin Group
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