Why Dakhla in The Kingdom of Morocco

“The construction of the major Dakhla-Atlantic International Green Molecule Hub is already progressing at a great pace. It is also essential for the portable renewable energy industry.”

We had the honor of meeting Lamine Benomar, the Wali of the Dakhla Oued-Eddahab region, face-to-face and presenting the OblinGreen Dakhla plans to him at the superbly organized Dii Desert Energy event in Dakhla, which was sponsored by Nareva.

“There is considerable new, excellent infrastructure that has been well-planned and has good access to the new Dakhla-Atlantic Port.”

“A local community that supports OblinGreen’s objectives and its clean, green credentials.”

“There is also a large, young population that is willing to learn and be involved from the ground up in the new, transportable, renewable energy business.”

“We strongly believe that Morocco also has a very modern King who is 100% supportive of a carbon-free future for the globe.”

The Oblin Holdings Group of companies has already funded pre-feasibility studies to identify the best OblinGreen project locations. Pre-feasibility studies have been conducted in Tan Tan, El Marsa, Dakhla, and other locations outside of Morocco. The location pre-feasibility studies concluded that Dakhla would be one perfect location due to the reasons mentioned above and many more.

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