Up to 6GW Per Annum Solar Panel Assembly Facility

A new Moroccan 6GW per annum PV solar panel Giga factory, capable of producing Moroccan desert-grade solar panels for this project. All will be manufactured using only renewable energy by a workforce of Moroccan nationals.

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Deep Sea Port

Deep water facility capable of handling 100,000 TEU per annum, with Green Fuel Bulk loading capability and wharf capacity for 240m vessels, and a prime direct sea link to the new Moroccan Sahara highway

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Green Molecule Synthesis

Large scale Green Molecule Synthesis including Hydrogen, Ammonia, Methanol, E-Kerosine Jet Fuel.

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Sea Water Desalination

10,000 M3 per day state of the art desalination facility providing all the water required to support the industrial processes and a supply of potable water

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15GW Off Grid Solar PV and Wind Farm

The solar and wind farm will provide the power for the entire OblinGreen Industrial zone,

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Green Glass Factory

Powered 100% by renewable energy the green glass factory will supply glass for the Solar factory and technical glass products to the local and regional markets

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10GW/h Per Annum Lithium Battery Factory

Using Moroccan Lithium to produce a range of cutting-edge energy storage products. Powered by the energy parks renewable green power.

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Large Platform Wind Turbine factory

100% Moroccan made wind turbine blades and towers, developed for use in the green energy zone and for the national and regional markets

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Rapid Charge EV and Green Hydrogen Fuel Service Station

Multiple large bays for all classes of trucks cars and SUV's and Hydrogen fuel pumps, the service station of the future

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1GW x 12GWh Power Storage Solution

Innovative Lithium battery power storage solution able to deliver 10GWh powering the entire zone.

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Renewable Energy Academy With Language School For Arabic French And English

Renewable energy innovators will be developed here at the Kingdom of Morocco's newest technical fountain of knowledge

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Even the loftiest of mountains begins on theĀ ground

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