The Deep Sea Port will stimulate trade in the Laayoune region and throughout Morocco without any cost to the planet, all this is possible due to the Green Fuel export hub using only Green Energy sources.

The port will be a multi-use facility with three primary functions across three wharves. Container handling for volumes up to an annual 1.2m TEU with its ship to shore cranes, plus extensive Isocontainer storage. Heavy equipment cargo handling such as 120m wind turbine blades and 500 tonne nacelles and transformers. Green Molecule including Hydrogen, Ammonia, Methanol, E-Kerosine jet fuel bulk loading will be a key function of the facility.

The state-of-the-art, intelligent operating system will automate many of the port functions; however, the system will have no negative effect on job opportunities as the port development will generate in excess of 5000 jobs all sourced within the region.

Our goal is to generate employment and trade in the region simultaneously powered by 100% green energy sources of the green power generation plants onsite. The site benefits from a strategic location and its connection to the new Moroccan Sahara Highway. 

Port to Project

OblinCEA, the ports heavy logistics partner will provide the client with a complete heavy lift and heavy transport service that includes loading, off-loading, land-to-barge trans-loading, transport fixture engineering and fabrication, travel route planning and project engineering consultations.

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